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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Chesham Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Chesham Building Society Consent to Lease Example Support Desk Enquires

  • I am in an impossible situation with a Consent to Let mortgage. Having sought consent to let the lender has requested evidence of an executed Assured Shorthold Tenancy prior to issuing consent. If I get a signed tenancy agreement would I not be breaching the lender’s terms and conditions?

  • I'm currently tied into a tenancy agreement until May and am purchasing a flat. Would my mortgage provider Chesham Building Society object to granting consent to let until my tenancy is up and then moving in?
  • I have a mortgage with Chesham Building Society. I would like to buy a further property and my mortgage broker advised me to seek consent to let. As far as I am aware they only grant consent to let if I have the intention to go back to my current property. Have I been given the right information?
  • I let my property last June and didn't tell Chesham Building Society. I have a three year homeowner mortgage (significant equity in it, no arrears) and want to let Chesham Building Society know and get consent to let for the remaining 24 months of my mortgage . I am unsure what to do.
  • What are the circumstances under which Chesham Building Society would decline a consent to let application?
  • Would a previous extension to a mortgage term with Chesham Building Society work against us once we sought consent to let from Chesham Building Society.
  • Was wondering how to get a consent to let from Chesham Building Society with whom I have a mortgage with. There is a remaining balance of 47k. The value of property is 110k. Property is in my name but my wife and I would like to purchase a garden flat in Hillingdon we have seen together. How do we go about it?
  • We are considering a remortgage offer with Chesham Building Society and it's a strong possibility that I will end up asking for consent to let during the fixed period. Are there any fees I should consider?