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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Cambridge Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Cambridge Building Society consent to lease

  • We have a standard variable rate mortgage with Cambridge Building Society. This has been in place since 2009. We are intending on renting out our property and renting in a village near our children's school until we find the right home to purchase. Do Cambridge Building Society ordinarily give consent to let and if so, are there any financial implications?
  • I have had a mortgage for five years with Cambridge Building Society. My partner has recently acquired a house in Lambeth and he has asked me to move in with him. Can I lease out my property with consent to let in case I need to move back? Also what legal documents must I provide Cambridge Building Society with when filling in the consent to let form?
  • I have a mortgage with Cambridge Building Society on a property and I wish to find a tenant for it out and rent an alternative house as a result of changes in personal circumstances - I want to move to a different area, and to live in a larger property with my fiance. I applied for consent to let and yesterday got reply with a refusal because they determined that I want to invest. I dont know what my options are. I am now at risk since I already have rented a new home and would have to pay both the Cambridge Building Society mortgage and rent payments, which could put me at financial risk. The matter is urgent because a potential tenant at the ready
  • The likelihood is that I will have the opportunity to work overseas in a couple of years. I am therefore possibly downsizing to a newbuild flat in Brent which I could rent out with less difficulty as and when required. I would aim to keep 50% equity in the new property which would be my home for a while. My current mortgage provider limits consent to let for a year. I anticipate renting it out longer term and not informing them could land me in a whole heap of trouble. B2L seems inappropriate when I will be living there, perhaps for 2-3 years initially. What type of mortgage should I be seeking, and from which lender? Do lenders such as Cambridge Building Society provide consent to let for more than a year?
  • My husband and I purchased a place in Manchester with Cambridge Building Society and am moving to rent a property in Somerset due to work. Is consent to let from Cambridge Building Societyavailable? I am only looking to rent out the flat for six to nine months before selling.
  • I have a normal mortgage with Cambridge Building Society which is only eight weeks long but I have been moved abroad with work. How easy is it to get consent to let from Cambridge Building Society for a mortgage that has only just commenced and I have just bought the property?
  • Me and my husband am looking into the option of leasing out my house with consent to let from Cambridge Building Society whist away travelling for a couple of months
  • We are interested in more information regarding consent to let from Cambridge Building Society. Would an acceptable reason be issues with neighbours and the house is too to small for me?