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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Bradford & Bingley plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Bradford & Bingley consent to let

  • A year ago my lender (not Bradford & Bingley) provided me with consent to let. This was subject to a provision that every 6 months they would add a fee of half a percent of the remaining mortgage amount. Having the first couple of payments they have omitted to make the charge in recent months. Should I be worried that this means that my consent to let has been revoked.
  • I am planning to use equity in my existing house to buy another property which I intend to live in whilst I renovate it. I would like to rent my current property with the Bradford & Bingley loan. I was just seeking a general view on whether Bradford & Bingley currently allows consent to let? House is worth £450 k with a £150k home loan in place.
  • I intend to lease our existing apartment out shortly after we find a new house. I will apply for consent to let from Bradford & Bingley. The property is currently in my name but I am a higher rate tax payer. Is it best to do a equity transfer to her or should I do a Declaration of Trust?
  • I bought my one bedroom apartment in Hounslow last November and have a two year fixed rate mortgage with Bradford & Bingley. Looking to move in with my partner within the next six months and wish to let out my property. Just want to know the process.
  • My Bradford & Bingley mortgage fixed rate ends in April and have to relocate for work then. What are the chances that I will be able to both refinance and obtain consent to let?
  • We have a mortgage with Bradford & Bingley at present and just wondering whether Bradford & Bingley currently allows consent to let
  • I am trying to find out if Bradford & Bingley will grant consent to let in a situation where we need to move closer to relatives in a different house albeit that we may move back the future if circumstances change.
  • I need to lease out my house to be nearer to my daughter's college and take care of my mother. How long will the consent to let take to get from Bradford & Bingley? a month?