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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Bradford & Bingley plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Bradford & Bingley consent to let

  • Me and my husband are presently one year into a year fixed rate mortgage with Bradford & Bingley. We would like to acquire a larger second property in the next few months however would prefer to keep the first property and I was enquiring as to what reason we could put down on the consent to let form to obtain consent to from Bradford & Bingley
  • My brother and I may need to rent out our home for a while due to a career opportunity. As we will be away for no more than twelve months would we need a consent to let our home. We already have a Bradford & Bingley mortgage. Is there any criteria for consent to let that the property or individual has to meet?
  • Last month I received consent to let on a residential homeloan with Bradford & Bingley with aim of transferring to a B2L rate when the fixed rate expires in a few months' time, so I'm uncertain if this complications to the issue! Any advice much appreciated.
  • I am on a 2 year fixed rate mortgage with Bradford & Bingley which began in January. I will be moving out in January and have tenants ready to lease my property. I need to get a letter from Bradford & Bingley granting consent to let until my term is up to allow me time to move onto a BTL. What is the procedure for going about this?
  • Hello, what documents or paperwork would Bradford & Bingley require for a consent to let letter?
  • I have a mortgage with Bradford & Bingley on a two year fixed rate. I could have an opportunity for a teaching position overseas in a years time. Would I qualify for consent to let from Bradford & Bingley were I to accept this opportunity abroad?
  • Our Bradford & Bingley mortgage is coming up for renewal. We would like to apply for a new fixed rate mortgage and then seek consent-to-let. Is this possible? We don't use the house much now that our kids are growing up, and would be better used as a rental.
  • My wife and I want to let our house out and use the rental income to cover the rent on a house in Waltham Forest. What are the chances of being given consent to let by Bradford & Bingley without being forced onto a BTL product.