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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Bank of Ireland as Bank of Ireland Mortgages? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Bank of Ireland Mortgages consent to let: Q and A’s

  • My boyfriend and I (co-owners) are thinking of refinancing with Bank of Ireland Mortgages. I was conducting some research concerning consent to let from Bank of Ireland Mortgages to understand the rules around potentially leasing our current property out (probably in a in a couple of years time) if we moved away. The flat in question was a first-time purchase for us about 2 years ago. Currently we are living there.
  • Hello, I have consent to let my property with Bank of Ireland Mortgages and am about to give my tenant 2 months notice as I intend to find a buyer. I am worried about the property being unoccupied when the tenant goes and finding a buyer. I have never missed a payment on the account, would it be possible to take payment holidays pending the sale of the property?
  • Am I required to inform Bank of Ireland Mortgages of my plan to rent a caravan out on my property. Can you shed any light on this? I am taking separate advice on the insurance, legal and tax side of things .
  • Just wondering whether Bank of Ireland Mortgages conduct any checks when obtaining a homeowner mortgage, I'm preferably looking to lease the property out and am unsure as to whether I should apply for consent to let. How would they find out if I lease the house out?
  • Were we to ask for a consent to let letter by Bank of Ireland Mortgages will we be forced to change to buy to let mortgage? We are with Bank of Ireland Mortgages and as properties are not currently selling and we have seen one we like we were going to rent our home out in order to purchase the new and sell this one if the market improves.
  • My circumstances have changed, and I would like to lease my place out - meaning consent to let- I have about £200K loan with Bank of Ireland Mortgages and currently 90k equity I need to avoid the redemption penalties.
  • I would be interested to know whether Bank of Ireland Mortgages would have an internal record as to whether consent to let was granted for a specific property?
  • Can I remortgage to Bank of Ireland Mortgages from my current lender, with a consent to let or do I need a let to buy homeloan, and if so what are the LTV's?