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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Bank of Ireland (UK) plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Bank of Ireland consent to let: Q and A’s

  • I own a two bed leasehold apartment with a Bank of Ireland mortgage and have a lodger in the 2nd bedroom. I have decided to take a job in a different city and will rent there. My lodger would like to stay and has agreed to pay an increased rent. Am I obliged to ask for consent to let via Bank of Ireland?
  • I have recently rented out my one bedroom apartment having been granted Consent to Let with my MP. Six months have now elapsed and they have increased my payments as previously advised. I am unwilling to port to a more favourable product with them, as they will revoke my consent to let. Were I to go with another provider for example Bank of Ireland, would I need to take out a Buy To Let loan or could I just refinance and get consent to let?
  • In the coming months I would like to move home and I am curious as to whether I can get consent to let on my property then get a mortgage approval for the new house so I can effectively bid without being part of a chain and then lease my property out once I move. Is it likely that Bank of Ireland grant consent to let for a year if they know I am wanting to buy somewhere else or only where one is relocating short term with work?
  • We currently have a five year fixed rate mortgage with Bank of Ireland that we're approximately a year into. Our situation has now altered and we wish to let out our property for a year and whilst we relocate to Barnet. How do we mitigate the possibility of Bank of Ireland refusing to grant consent to let.
  • I would like to let my house which is on a standard variable rate mortgage with Bank of Ireland. What do Bank of Ireland require for me to do to get consent to let?
  • I am looking for some generic information on consent to let. I currently have a mortgage in place with Bank of Ireland. I have been given approval to temporarily rent out my apartment from the freeholder of the block and they asked if I have consent to from Bank of Ireland.
  • If I have an existing standard mortgage with Bank of Ireland and am planning to rent it out in the future will I be issued with consent to let? What is the process and cost involved?
  • I am interested in consent to let for my home mortgaged with Bank of Ireland. How do I proceed? Do I have to apply to Bank of Ireland and get them to agree?