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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Aviva Equity Release UK Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Aviva Equity Release consent to let

  • I rent out my property in Barnet. I didn't request consent to let. I moved to Surrey for a job opportunity and couldn't do a commute but was worried that Aviva Equity Release would charge me a small fortune so I decided to take the risk. I'm hoping to legitimise it now... basically carry on letting it but with consent. What are my next steps?
  • My husband and I recently sorted our rates for another fixed period with Aviva Equity Release. However, I attended an interview and basically I accepted the job offer in Enfield. I'm going to rent a two bedroom flat for the family in Lambeth as we don't want to sell the house whist there is a chance that we come back within a couple of years.... We really don't know whether it will work out. We called Aviva Equity Release but we would appreciate your point of view please. How is it to have a consent to let in that case as we just got a fixed 5 years rate we really don't want to lose this rate.
  • I have found myself in the accidental landlord scenario and failed to inform Aviva Equity Release. I had to leave my flat for career purposes, so am now based in another part of the country. At first I attempted to sell the flat, but prices were low, resulting in negative equity. This was a couple of years ago in 2012, which has since seen the property price increase and has given me time to accumulate savings. I am in now in a position where I can now transfer to a BTL mortgage and would like to remortgage at the same time. My concern is, will changing mortgage providers possibly alert Aviva Equity Release that I have been letting without consent to let? I am aware that I shouldn’t have done what I did, but circumstances left me with limited options. Have I committed a criminal offence?
  • Twelve years ago I was granted permission by the local authority and my mortgage provider Aviva Equity Release to convert a small barn into a granny annex, conditional on it not being sold separately from the main house. My parents passed away some years ago and I would now like to rent it out with consent to let from Aviva Equity Release. Do you think this will be possible?
  • How much of my loan allowance will be made available to borrow if I change my mortgage to a consent to let with Aviva Equity Release?
  • I don't currently have consent to let from Aviva Equity Release but I would like to apply, An opportunity has arisen which might involve me working away for eighteen months. But want to keep my home for when I come back - can you assist?
  • I have a question I'd like to ask...if consent to let is given by Aviva Equity Release would it usually be restricted to a time limit, such as one year?
  • I was just wondering how to obtain consent to let from Aviva Equity I phone them or apply formally in writing to them?