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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Atom Bank plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Atom Bank consent to lease

  • Within the next few days I intend to apply to Atom Bank for consent to let out my property in Atom Bank. However I have put the house on the market but there is no interest and forking out for a full mortgage, council tax and insurance on unoccupied house is hurting financially. What approach would Atom Banktake if I market the property?

  • I have a question concerning consent to let. The property has a mortgage against it with Atom Bank (with a large chunk of equity). We are planning to move out of Cambridge and if at all possible wish to rent out our house with consent to let from Atom Bank and use the income from that to help get approval for a 2nd mortgage for a house to live in. How can I fund a second mortgage without selling my old property and using the equity as a deposit for the new property. Is there anyway I can change my old mortgage to a buy to let mortgages or obtain consent to let and take on a second mortgage without having a deposit to put down.
  • I am planning to apply for consent to let from my current mortgage provider Atom Bank. A friend of mine said that he was issued with ‘consent to let’ confirmation from a different lender where it stipulated that the tenancy granted must be in the form of an AST. Can you explain what this is?
  • I have been renting out my flat to students for a few years but not on a buy to let mortgage as I thought that you only required a buy to let if you had more than one mortgage. In trying to acquire a second property, I found that I should have had consent to let all along from my mortgage provider Atom Bank. I'm wondering whether I can now seek consent to let from Atom Bank?
  • I am thinking about renting out my house obtaining consent to let from Atom Bank, what fees should I expect to pay?
  • Is it the case that a prior extension to a mortgage term with Atom Bank work against us once we sought consent to let from Atom Bank.
  • I would like some guidance on how best to approach my mortgage provider Atom Bank regarding a 'Consent-to-Let' application. Is this something you can offer guidance on ?
  • My wife and I need to rent out my flat to be closer to my daughter's college and take care of my mother. What do I need for the application of consent to let from Atom Bank?