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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Allied Irish Bank (GB), a trading name of AIB Group (UK)? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Allied Irish Bank consent to let

  • Exciting times as my partner and I intend to relocate to Germanyin Month, initially temporarily but potentially longer term. I'm in the process of writing to Allied Irish Bank to obtain consent to let out our property (we have already found tenants). I have been with Allied Irish Bank for 6 years and no payments have ever been missed. Allied Irish Bank tell me, that even if they do agree, that this is a short term consent for a period of twelve months. And then what?

  • I am in an impossible situation with a Consent to Let mortgage. Having sought consent to let my lender has requested that I produce an executed tenancy agreement prior to issuing consent. Is is not the case that if I adhered to their request that I would be violating the terms of my existing mortgage?

  • I'm currently choosing a mortgage as first time buyer and considering Allied Irish Bank with my broker. Suppose I choose a four year fixed rate I move in the property and after one year, an opportunity presents itself which involves a relocation effectively moving to a different location. Where Allied Irish Bank grants me consent to let,does the rate load the interest rate?
  • How long does it take to get consent to let from Allied Irish Bank and is there a minimum amount of time I should have had the mortgage for?
  • Were we to request a consent to let letter by Allied Irish Bank will we be made to convert to buy to let mortgage? Our mortgage is with Allied Irish Bank and as properties are not selling at the mo and we have seen one we like we were leasing our home out in order to purchase the new and sell this one when the market picks up.
  • I would like to let out the attic in my house in Westminster. Do I require consent to let from my lender Allied Irish Bank?
  • I would like to know if I have a residential mortgage with Allied Irish Bank and decide to lease it out, does the rate increase and are there any associated costs for applying for consent to let.
  • We need to contact Allied Irish Bank to enquire about letting out our flat. Will they send a document to me. Is there a form I can download?