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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Landmark Mortgages Limited? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Landmark Mortgages consent to let

  • My husband and I may need to lease our Brent home for a while due to a career opportunity. This will be for a limited period but possibly for as long as five years. Must I notify Landmark Mortgages or should I not rock the boat?

  • me and my wife have just sorted our rates for another fixed five years with Landmark Mortgages. However, I attended an interview and basically I accepted the job offer in Camden. I'm going to rent a two bedroom flat for me and my family in Merton as we don't wish to sell the house whist there is a possibility that we come back within a couple of years.... We really have no idea how things will go. We called Landmark Mortgages but we would like also your point of view please. Is it possible to receive consent to let in that case as we just got a fixed 5 years rate we would not want to change.
  • I may have the chance to go and work abroad in a couple of years. I am therefore potentially scaling down to a newbuild apartment in Tower Hamlets which I could rent out with less difficulty as and when required. I would aim to keep 50% equity in the new apartment which would be my home for a while. My current mortgage co limits consent to let for a year. I suspect renting it out longer term and not having consent could result in a whole heap of problems. Buy-to-let seems inappropriate when I will be living there, perhaps for 2-3 years initially. What product should I be seeking, and from whom? Do lenders such as Landmark Mortgages give consent to let for more than a year?
  • We are planning to rent out my property for 12 months from 12th July 2016. Is there a standard format for a letter I can use to write to Landmark Mortgages to apply for consent to let.
  • Me and my partner have a mortgage with Landmark Mortgages but am informed they have a stipulation that they will not give consent to let the property to a local authority. Is this true and if so, can you suggest a method to bypass this?
  • I am relocating for work for as long as twelve months... I was wondering if I was able to procure from Landmark Mortgages consent to let the house out while abroad as I do not want to leave it vacant for that long
  • Was wondering how to obtain a consent to let from Landmark Mortgages with whom I have a mortgage with. There is a remaining balance of 47k. The value of flat is 220k. Property is in my name but my wife and I would like to purchase a garden flat in Sutton we have seen together. How do we go about this?
  • Soon to remortgage my home but will likely be moving out in the near future and would be looking to lease it out. How quickly can you get consent to let from Landmark Mortgages?