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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Zephyr Mortgages? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Zephyr Mortgages consent to let

  • I am looking to apply to Zephyr Mortgages for consent to let on my current residential property in Redbridge. I am planning to release equity from my existing home before doing so, and using that money to buy a new residential property. I will stay in that property whilst renovating it for nine months after which the intention is to sell it then move back to my existing property. Is this something Zephyr Mortgages will consider consent to let for or is that out of their criteria?
  • I moved out of my flat about seven months ago but didn't get around to get a consent to let letter, partly because the mortgage fix rate period is ending in six weeks and I am thinking about a remortgage anyway. I want to ask for consent now, is that going to open up a Pandora’s box?
  • I found tenants for my property six months ago and didn't tell Zephyr Mortgages. I have a five year homeowner mortgage (significant equity in it, no arrears) and want to let Zephyr Mortgages know and get consent to let for the remaining 24 months of my mortgage . I am unsure how to go about this.
  • Me and my partner own a house in Manchester and will be moving to Amersham at the end of February. I have a letting agency and tenant ready. I was proposing to keep quiet as I'm worried Zephyr Mortgages will insist that I change my mortgage rate over to a buy to let and am unable to afford that. I appreciate that it would be preferable to gain a consent to let via Zephyr Mortgages but am afraid if I open Pandora's box it would result in no end of problems
  • We wish to move home and have found a property we wish to purchase so are considering letting out with consent to let from Zephyr Mortgages for our current property to enable us to place an offer and not miss out on the potential new property.
  • We have a new mortgage however my girlfriend doesn't feel safe in the property due to other tenants in the block. I know that many lenders have a half year rule before consent to let - does this apply to all lenders. Is there any way Zephyr Mortgages would grant consent to let at the outset?
  • I wish to apply for consent to let from my lender Zephyr Mortgages to lease out my property. . Do Zephyr Mortgages issue consent to let in these circumstances?
  • Is there a time limit on a consent to let from Zephyr Mortgages? and do you need to get a new mortgage first or a general residential mortgage can just be changed to a consent to let after application?