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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Yorkshire Bank Home Loans Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to Yorkshire Bank consent to lease

  • Exciting times as my wife and I plan to return to Floridain Month, possibly for a little as 9 months but it could be longer term. I have contacted Yorkshire Bank for consent to let out the property (we have already found tenants). The mortgage has been in place with Yorkshire Bank for 5 years and no payments have ever been missed. Yorkshire Bank tell me, that even if they grant consent to let, that this will be a temporary arrangement for a period of twelve months. And then what?

  • Yorkshire Bank have just granted me consent to let. After some effort, Yorkshire Bank have issued me with ‘consent to let’ confirmation . There is reference to an assured shorthold tenancy. Can you explain what this is?

  • Can you explain "consent to let" to me? I live in a studio apartment and its in good condition. It is on the market and I am struggling to sell. This is probably due to an longstanding feud with the family next door. I had no choice but to mention this on the disclosure sheet. Mortgage is with Yorkshire Bank on a fixed rate. It has been suggested to me that I should get consent to let by Yorkshire Bank and let the flat to tenants.
  • I'm one year into a two year fixed mortgage with Yorkshire Bank. The LTV is just 35%. I've found a really good deal on a one bed flat in Greenwich which I don't want to miss. It appears that the only way I can get this other property is to take out some good chunk of equity. I'm thinking of letting the current home which would adequately cover the homeloan with Yorkshire Bank. Is it possible to obtain consent to let from Yorkshire Bank and and then seek an equity release after it's rented?
  • We are having to move to the US for eighteen months for my job but I don't want to change my mortgage to BTL as the intention is to move back into it when I return. Do you know if Yorkshire Bank charges additional interest? Is there any way around this?
  • How much is it to get a consent to let from Yorkshire Bank on my residential property. Last week I moved in with my partner and have a family member renting from me.
  • I am trying to find out Yorkshire Bank fees for conversion to consent to let from a fixed rate residential mortgage?
  • I'm mulling over a remortgage offer with Yorkshire Bank and it's a strong possibility that I will end up asking for consent to let at some point in the fixed period. Are there any charges I should be aware of?