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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Topaz Finance plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Topaz Finance consent to lease

  • I am currently in the process of emigrating to Germany . As opposed to finding a buyer, I would prefer to rent my current property out, just in case things turn sour and I decide to come back within a couple of years. The current mortgage is with Topaz Finance. Would I be able to refinance with another mortgage company on a much lower interest rate then apply for Consent to Let after the refinancing is in place?
  • I am a FTB in the process of trying to buy a flat. However I am potentially also going to be moving abroad in the near future. I have told this to my mortgage broker who has informed me as long as nothing has been signed or confirmed you can go ahead and apply for a residential mortgage with Topaz Finance. Once that's complete if it transpires that I need to move abroad he said can apply for a consent to let from Topaz Finance. Does that sound like the right advice?
  • My lawyers have served eviction orders on a tenant who had not paid his rent in 3 months. A Section 21 and section 8 have been issued. The tenant's defense for refusal to pay is built on the claim that I do not have consent to let my two bedroom second floor purpose built flat from my mortgage company Topaz Finance
  • I am in the Royal Navy and planning to purchase a house using a Topaz Finance mortgage. I would like to obtain consent to let the property to my mother and father in law. In years to come I would live in the property myself when I leave the Royal Navy. Will I need to apply to my Commanding Officer to request permission to rent it out?
  • My wife and I wish to let out my home. Do I simply send a letter to Topaz Finance requesting consent to let out the property?
  • Is it possible to refinance with Topaz Finance with consent to let if my fixed rate is about to expire. Circumstances would not have changed.
  • I have just recently purchased my home and took out a mortgage with Topaz Finance but my boyfriend has asked me to move in with him. Would I be granted consent to let?
  • I have a mortgage with Topaz Finance. I am thinking of moving out and renting out my flat. Am I required to obtain consent to let ?