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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Tipton Coseley Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Tipton Coseley Building Society consent to lease

  • I have a Tipton Coseley Building Society home loan and am looking to acquire consent to let as I would like to move to another home that I own. It looks like might be able to assist. Do you charge for this service?
  • I rented my house out for three years between 2010-2013 while living overseas. I have a letter dated January 2010 from the mortgage company granting consent to let. In the letter it explicitly states that the consent to let is valid for "the remaining term of the mortgage". I have not remortgaged since the letter was issued. I now plan to move house and rent out my existing house. However, my financial advisor has suggested that the 2010 consent to let letter may not be sufficient for the new lender Tipton Coseley Building Society for the property I intend to purchase.Your view would be appreciated
  • At the moment I am looking to acquire my first property however, working as a contractor. I want to chose a mortgage provider that allows short term letting with a homeowner mortgage so that I could lease out the property for no more than six months with long periods of absence without being forced into a buy to let mortgage. Are you able to advise me on how lenders would view this and specifically the stance taken by Tipton Coseley Building Society.
  • We are planning to rent out my property for a year from 28th October 2015. Is there conventional wording for a letter I can use to send to Tipton Coseley Building Society to request consent to let.
  • I took a domestic mortgage with Tipton Coseley Building Society and my circumstances have changed due to family, can I obtain consent to let. What changes will affect me?
  • I was just enquiring if Tipton Coseley Building Society were picky when giving out consent to let. I sent my request on date and I am waiting to hear back. Should I start chasing or wait for a bit longer?
  • I wish to apply for consent to let from my lender Tipton Coseley Building Society to rent out my house. I was thinking of moving in with mypartner. Do Tipton Coseley Building Society allow consent to let in these circumstances?
  • Me and my husband may need to lease our home temporarily due to a new job. This will be for a limited period but perhaps for threeyears. Should I tell Tipton Coseley Building Society or am I best advised to keep my head down?