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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Mortgage Works? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to The Mortgage Works consent to lease

  • In a worst case scenario what action The Mortgage Works can take if I have rented my property in the event that consent to let is not forthcoming?

  • I have to move my children's school by mid-January and move to a different area. I don't have time to find a buyer for my house.The short term option is to let my house out. Currently I have standard occupiers insurance. Do I need different insurance? Do I need consent to let by my mortgage company The Mortgage Works
  • I have had a The Mortgage Works mortgage for less than a year but I discovered this morning that I will soon lose my job. I would appreciate some tips on procuring consent to let by The Mortgage Works
  • I have a first time buyer mortgage on a three bed flat in Greenwich but have rented it out without letting The Mortgage Works know this. I now require a consent to let letter. How can I get one?
  • I was just wondering if The Mortgage Works were picky when considering consent to let. I sent my request on date and I am waiting to hear back. Should I start chasing or wait for a bit longer?
  • I have a residential mortgage with The Mortgage Works - about 28% equity. I am considering relocating due to a promotion and enquiring whether consent to let would be granted so I could rent out the house?
  • I am looking to get consent to let with my The Mortgage Works residential mortgage. It is a mid terraced house. Do The Mortgage Works grant consent on this basis? Or would it be regarded as an HMO?
  • Would you be able to help me? What do I need to do to obtain consent to let from The Mortgage Works? And how much equity is needed?