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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Mortgage Lender Limited? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to The Mortgage Lender consent to lease

  • A friend of mine has been renting her house off the same landlord for almost 18 months. Over the course of the last twelve months my friend has been receiving letters from The Mortgage Lender (it is apparent from the envelope). For the first coulpe she forwarded them to the landlady's address. I was a bit suspicious as none of her landlady's mail was supposed to be going there. I therefore went to my friends house and phoned The Mortgage Lender on her behalf. The gentleman I called at The Mortgage Lender asked all sorts of queries, the landlady's name her current address, the tenant's details and then said they would investigate whether she had the correct mortgage and if she didn't it was an offence in the absence of consent to let. Can you shed anymore light on this?
  • My niece is going to work overseas for twelve months and would like to lease her flat out. She has a The Mortgage Lender fixed rate mortgage on repayment and wants consent to let the property as well as transfer to interest only. What does she need to do?
  • I am looking for some feedback as to whether consent to let from The Mortgage Lender is the right option. I acquired my house last June by porting an existing The Mortgage Lender mortgage product. My fixed rate ended 4 months ago I'm currently considering moving in with a new partner. I would prefer not to sell my property yet because I'm unsure of whether the new move will prove successful. Would it be likely that The Mortgage Lender would grant a consent to let based on me letting out my property on a an AST for 1-2 years and then I will commit to a buy to let product or sell it?
  • As a result of a change in family circumstances my wife and I are housesitting my mum and dad’s house while they are away and letting our flat out. What is best way to approach my mortgage lender for a 'Consent-to-Let' ? We will need to refinance in the next twelve months will we then have to move to a BTL mortgage. We intend to return to our home at within the next nine months?
  • What is the longest period that The Mortgage Lender is willing to issue Consent To Let for?
  • Will I need consent to let from The Mortgage Lender if I am intending to occupy the property myself for three months of the year? Also if I gain consent to let for a limited time, say up to twelve months, what happens thereafter.
  • I would like to lease out my flat to be nearer to my daughter's uni and take care of my mother. Do I need consent to let from my lender The Mortgage Lender?
  • I'm considering a remortgage offer with The Mortgage Lender and it's likely I will need take advantage of any consent to let option if available at some point in the fixed period. Are there any charges I should be aware of?