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Need professional advice for your consent to let with State Bank of India UK? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to State Bank of India UK consent to let

  • My husband and I acquired a house in 2007 for just under 200,000 with State Bank of India UK. I got married to someone in the RAF so moved in to married quarters in Qatar and appreciate that I have to apply for consent to let from State Bank of India UK. Will they grant consent?

  • I obtained consent to let from State Bank of India UK 3 yrs ago but never used it and have since remortgaged to another lender. I recently asked for consent to let. I was informed that it would be given since their requirements were met. However I received a letter informing me that I must provide a letter from the DWP confirming that that are aware of my current situation before they can issue authorisation. They said this is policy but I have not been able to find these conditions on their site. I did complain about the insinuation that I might intend to continue to claim help with interest from the DWP whilst receiving rental on the property. They apologised and offered to deposit £25 in my account . However i still am unable to locate this term and condition and i feel this is otherwise inappropriate I want to let my property as a way of releasing me from redress to social benefits not in order to discontinue claiming
  • I have a ground floor flat in Ealing which I inherited six years ago and which I have since remortgaged with State Bank of India UK on a fixed rate which ends next February. If I want to lease out the property whilst I go travelling what do I need to do and is there a time limit? Are there any other consequences when applying for consent to let?
  • I am planning on buying a property, renting a couple of the rooms out in order to cover the mortgage with State Bank of India UK, and then moving on in two or three years - when the property would be fully let. Is it likely that State Bank of India UK would frown upon this as I will have been given a owner-occupier homeloan rather than a B2L or consent to let? I've read that in extreme situations they can sue for mortgage fraud, is this true?
  • Can I get an interest only mortgage with consent to let when my current State Bank of India UK deal runs out September 17?
  • We want to move home and have found a house we wish to purchase so are considering leasing out with consent to let from State Bank of India UK for our existing property to enable us to place an offer and not miss out on the potential new property.
  • I am hoping to fix my homeowner mortgage with State Bank of India UK but due to work related issues I may have to live abroad for a couple of years. Will State Bank of India UK allow and give consent to let and there be any penalty
  • I want to get consent to let from State Bank of India UK for a couple of years at which point I can switch to a B2L. Is this possible