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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Santander? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Santander consent to let

  • Under what scenarios will consent to let for a property be granted from Santander? How long do you have to have had the mortgage before consent to let can be granted by Santander? In order to give you some perspective:We were living in a very small mid terrace house which is too small for our family, my husband is also unwell and we are far away from family who could offer us a bit of relief, in the form of babysitting. I am looking at seeking consent to let in the first instance to be able to renting the property out to cover the costs of the Santander mortgage.
  • I'm looking to apply to Santander for consent to let on my existing residential property in Bromley. I am hoping to draw down equity from my existing home ahead of this, and using that money to purchase a new home. I will stay in that property whilst doing it up for 6 months at which point the intention is to sell it then move back to my current property. Is this something Santander will consider consent to let for or is that out of their criteria?
  • My brother and his girlfriend currently lodge with me at my flat. Next Summer I would like to move out of the flat and in with my OH. How likely is it that I will be able to get consent to let from Santander after only having the mortgage for less than half a year?
  • I took a home loan out on a garden flat in October however I will be working outside of commuting distance of Camden for the foreseeable future but hope to find work closer in the long term. Given that I recently acquired the property I will lose money if I sell and do intend to return to Camden so would like to keep it. How difficult is it to get consent to let from Santander and what will it cost me ?
  • When it comes to consent to let from Santander am I supposed to inform them each time we get a new tenant and post them a copy of the tenancy?
  • Is it possible to refinance with Santander with consent to let if my fixed rate is coming to an end. Circumstances would not have changed.
  • I currently have a residential mortgage with Santander and plan on letting due to work being based in Manchester. In asking for consent to let from Santander do I run the risk of them forcing me to change deal to buy to let
  • I'm interested to find out more about consent to let from Santander. Would a valid reason be issues with neighbours and the property is too big for me to run at this moment in time?