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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Saffron Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Saffron Building Society Consent to Lease Example Support Desk Enquires

  • Last September my wife and I purchased our council home, in Wandsworth,recently valued at £240k. It was paid for in full from our own finances, with no mortgage. We can't sell (without repaying back a significant amount of the discount) before 5 years have gone by. Regardless, we wish to retain it as a investment property to let out. We are considering taking out a mortgage with Saffron Building Society. I am confident that my rental income would cover my monthly repayments so can I negotiate consent to let. Are you able to assist?
  • Last month I was provided with a career opportunity abroad and considering whether it's a good idea leasing my property out. Will Saffron Building Society permit me to change mortgage or issue me with consent to let? If not I will have to consider if it's worth taking the job. I have no objection to paying more as it is likely that I will return and move into my home after twenty four months. My agenda here is not to profit. Just really like my property and want to return to it at some point in the future.
  • My property has had a mortgage against it with Saffron Building Society for the last ten years. I am now married and moved into my husband’s home. My property is currently empty and have a choice to sell or have someone rent. Obviously this could be a long term agreement as the probability of moving back is low. What should I tell Saffron Building Society in order to get consent to let?
  • I have been serving in the Royal Air Force for three years and am looking to acquire a house with a Saffron Building Society mortgage. I would like to be given consent to let this house to my parents. In the future I plan to reside in the property with my family when I leave the Royal Air Force. Will I need to apply to my superior officer to request permission to rent it out?
  • If we ask for a consent to let letter by Saffron Building Society will we be made to change to buy to let mortgage? Our mortgage is with Saffron Building Society and as properties are not currently selling and we have seen one we like we were considering letting our home out in order to purchase the new and sell this one if the market picks up.
  • We are planning to switch lender to Saffron Building Society for a fixed rate but during this period would need to rent the house out for approximately one year. Do Saffron Building Society consent to let on fixed rate mortgages and if so, what are the costs.
  • My wife and I spoken to someone at Saffron Building Society about changing our existing mortgage to consent to let (the current 2 year fix comes to an end in september next year). Can I just confirm that I need to formally put the request in writing explaining our change in circumstance to Saffron Building Society? Where do I need to send the letter to?
  • Will Saffron Building Society give consent to let my property? I currently have a homeowner mortgage, never had arrears and have been with Saffron Building Society for a little under six years now. What costs am I likely to face