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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Pepper Money? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Pepper Money consent to let

  • Having endured living in a rough area for 3 years now, we are now looking to move. As disposing of the property will result in redemption penalties to Pepper Money of £4000, we thought that it would best to rent it out. In the circumstances we need consent to let from Pepper Money only for less than a year. Will Pepper Money grant consent?

  • A year ago my mortgage provider (not Pepper Money) provided me with consent to let. This was subject to a provision that every 6 months they would levy a fee of half a percent of the outstanding mortgage amount. Having the first couple of payments they have omitted to make the charge in recent months. This may be no more than a basic computer error but I am nervous that it would also mean I no longer have Consent to Let.
  • Am with Pepper Money and wonder if I am obliged to notify them if we no longer live in my house. I believe that they could load the interest rate if we move and rent it out but it's far from apparent what the change would be. If I decide to let my house out and seek consent to let in what way would the payments go up?
  • My fiance had a conversation with someone at Pepper Money on Wednesday regarding consent to let. We are awaiting a returned call. We have put an offer in on a two bedroom first floor purpose built maisonette that has been accepted in principle so would like to know how likely it is that we will receive consent to let by Pepper Money?
  • I have a mortgage with Pepper Money on a two year fixed rate. I could have chance of a teaching job in Belgium next summer. Would I qualify for consent to let via Pepper Money were I to accept this opportunity abroad?
  • Hi my partner and I own and live in 2 separate properties can I obtain consent to let from Pepper Money and let my three bed flat out if I move in with her?
  • Me and my husband may need to lease our home temporarily due to a new job. This will be for a limited period but perhaps for twoyears. Should I tell Pepper Money or do I keep quiet?
  • I am looking at taking a job in France and have been advised that I need to let Pepper Money know so my mortgage is under consent to let? Please could you clarify the best way deal with this?