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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Pepper Homeloans? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Pepper Homeloans consent to let: Q and A’s

  • Doing everything by the book I’ve been leasing out my house with "consent to let" from Pepper Homeloans on a regular mortgage for the past three years. Pepper Homeloans have advised of their intention of revoking consent to let if we do not swap to one of their "buy to let" mortgages.

  • Due to my job, I am in a position where I anticipate that Pepper Homeloans will grant me with Consent to Let from the outset of purchasing a property. My intention is to purchase a property in Ealing and lease it out, I will remain in the house that is provided (rent payable) by my employer. As I will be letting out the property I will clearly have to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return, but I just want to check that although it is the only house I own (and it is not on a BTL mortgage), will I still be able to claim Tax relief for the interest on my mortgage and the expenses of leasing out the property. I can only find information for those with a buy-to-let mortgage, but mine will technically not be B2L.
  • At the moment have a five year fixed term home loan with Pepper Homeloans that we're approximately one year into. Our circumstances have now altered and we wish to rent out our property for a while and whilst we relocate to Wandsworth. How do we mitigate the possibility of Pepper Homeloans rejecting consent to let.
  • Presently my mortgage provider is Pepper Homeloans. Where do I download the consent to let application forms from, as we have commenced leasing out the house?
  • Will Pepper Homeloans want to know my reasons for seeking consent to let? Is it wise to inform them of my potential move overseas?
  • I want to buy a new home but can't afford to sell my existing flat with a Pepper Homeloans mortgage. Do you know the criteria for Pepper Homeloans to grant consent to let? Is getting married and having kids a sufficient reason to to ask for consent to let?
  • My Pepper Homeloans mortgage is coming up for renewal. We would like to apply for a new fixed rate mortgage and then apply for a consent-to-let. Is this possible? We don't use the house much now that our kids are growing up, and would be better used as a rental.
  • I was just wondering if there are any restrictions in getting consent to let on a leasehold property when I have a mortgage with Pepper Homeloans