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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Penrith Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to Penrith Building Society consent to lease

  • I am looking to get a consent to let from Penrith Building Society as my personal situation has changed. My stepdaughter was starting university and I felt we would move nearby and opted to purchase a house rather than spend the money on renting. Since purchasing the house there has been breakdown in my relationship with my my step daughter and she refuses to move in. Given that the whole point was for her and the house location isn't so ideal for my work I would like to leave and rent out the property
  • I'm looking to remortgage our old three bedroom ground floor purpose built flat, currently rented under consent to let from Penrith Building Society, onto a BTL rate as we are unlikely to be moving back into it now since we have our family home. So, I'm assuming I need a specialist broker for this and I am not really au fait with what is on offer in this area. Are you able to offer any advice on an efficient broker service specialising in BTL?
  • My husband and I currently live in Dubai and leasing out our property in Southwark. This was unplanned but an opportunity presented itself and we took it. The rental income is insufficient to cover the mortgage so we send back funds each month to cover the difference. Earlier today our lender got in touch informing me that as the property is being let out and has been for almost four years we will have to pay 1.5% interest in addition to our current mortgage rate. One option is to sell the property but this will be difficult as I am so far away. Could we remortgage with Penrith Building Society and get consent to let?
  • We have a standard variable mortgage with Penrith Building Society that we are having difficulty negotiating consent to let as a result of being in New York and leasing the property a few years ago without their consent which we did not know was required. We have a <45% LVR and have been making overpayments of £500pm for three years so there are no arrears. We are willing to change onto a buy to let rate with them at a jacked up rate yet we haven't been given that as an option.
  • I took a residential mortgage with Penrith Building Society and with my circumstances changing significantly in the last three months, can I apply for consent to let. What changes will affect me?
  • I have a mortgage with Penrith Building Society and am debating whether to sell or rent in the short term but don't have the equity for a buy to let mortgage at this time. What are my consent to let options currently?
  • I currently have a residential mortgage with Penrith Building Society and plan on letting due to work being based in Bristol. In asking for consent to let from Penrith Building Society do I run the risk of them forcing me to change deal to buy to let
  • I got a domestic homeloan with Penrith Building Society. I purchased the property in December last year. Is it possible to get consent to let.