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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Paratus AMC Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Paratus AMC consent to let

  • Me and my partner are intending to purchase a garden flat with ten per cent deposit with the aim of living there. Somewhat fortuitously the in-laws have plans to move to Spain for a year so we plan to move into theirRedbridge property to "housesit". Should we go ahead with a residential mortgage with Paratus AMC would we likely encounter any difficulties with negotiating consent to let ?
  • What are the chances of Paratus AMC in giving Consent To Let on a ground floor flat? Agents have had it on the market for three months. I need to sell but I'm concerned that if there are no takers I will have to get a tenant in to cover the monthly payments to Paratus AMC (I do not now live there). My preference is to come clean with Paratus AMC than keep them in the dark but I'm not sure how accomodating they would be.
  • Hi, I have consent to let my house with Paratus AMC and am now looking to give my tenant 2 months notice as I want to sell the property. I am concerned about the property being unoccupied once the tenant leaves and finding a buyer. I have never defaulted on the account, is it likely that I would be able to take payment breaks pending the sale of the property?
  • Yesterday got a mortgage in principle from Paratus AMC for a detached house. I have applied through Right to Buy. It is a 20 year mortgage. I wonder what is the main criteria Paratus AMC adopt in order to grant customers consent to let? Is consent to let based on the rental yield of a property?
  • I already have a mortgage with Paratus AMC, but I am going to move out for about a year as we need to be closer to my wife’s mum. Will Paratus AMC issue consent to let?
  • Are you aware of any leeway in the accepted equity ration before transferring from an existing Paratus AMC mortgage to a consent to let?
  • Seven weeks ago I completed my homeloan with Paratus AMC since when my boyfriend has proposed and we are deliberating whether to reside in his house or my property. Would I be granted consent to let if I decided to move in with him
  • I may potentially need consent to let from Paratus AMC in the future with work. I am just seeing what the options would be if this was the case. Is there a limit on the length you can let out a property with consent?