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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Paragon Mortgages Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Paragon Mortgages consent to lease

  • My wife and I have a Paragon Mortgages home loan and are are not in arrears, in gainful employment etc. Do you know how much the fees are and if Paragon Mortgages are likely to give us consent to let without transferring to a new mortgage product?

  • I plan to ask Paragon Mortgages to obtain consent to let out my home in Paragon Mortgages. However I have put the house on the market but there is no interest and forking out for a full mortgage, council tax and insurance on unoccupied house is hurting financially. What position would Paragon Mortgages take if I have the house on the market?

  • My house had been tenanted for three years from 2010-2013 while employed Amsterdam. I have a letter dated May 2010 from the mortgage company granting consent to let. In the letter it explicitly stipulates that the consent to let is valid for "the remaining term of the mortgage". I have not remortgaged since the letter was sent. I now plan to move house and rent out my existing house. However, my IFA has suggested that the 2010 consent to let letter may not be sufficient for the new lender Paragon Mortgages for the property I wish to buy.Can this be right
  • I am unable to locate the form to download "consent to let" on the Paragon Mortgages website. Could you please send me a link to do it? Thanks a lot.
  • I was just curious as to whether Paragon Mortgages would give consent to let and what kind of fees, penalties and rate increase etc
  • I am looking to Paragon Mortgages to issue me with consent to let out my flat in Camden. I am moving to care for my elderly father who has severe complex heart failure
  • My OH and I have a domestic mortgage with Paragon Mortgages and are deliberating on obtaining consent to let so that we can apply for another mortgage on another property that I own on a buy to let basis. Ahead of applying I would like to know the implications of making the change and any facts that we need to be aware of.
  • I am trying to find out if Paragon Mortgages will grant consent to let in a situation where we need to move closer to relatives in a different house albeit that we may move back the future if circumstances change.