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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Nationwide Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Nationwide Building Society consent to lease

  • My husband and I were planning to buy a studio flat with ten per cent deposit with the intention of living there. Somewhat fortuitously the in-laws have plans to move to Dubai for a while so we plan to move into the in-lawsTower Hamlets bungalow to "housesit". If we were to proceed with a residential mortgage with Nationwide Building Society would there be any issues with switching to consent to let ?
  • I'm currently choosing a mortgage as first time buyer and considering Nationwide Building Society with my mortgage adviser. Let's say I choose a three year fixed rate I live at the property and after two years, I come to get an opportunity of work relocation necessitating moving to a different country. In the case Nationwide Building Society issues me consent to let,does the rate stay as it is or would go up?
  • I am looking to get a consent to let from Nationwide Building Society as my personal situation has changed. My stepdaughter was starting university and I felt we would move nearby and chose to purchase a house as opposed to spend the money on renting. After having purchased the house I have fallen out with my step daughter and she refuses to live in it. Given that the whole point was for her and the house location is not particularly ideal for my work I would like to leave and rent out the house
  • My fixed rate runs out June next year and I'm planning on fixing for another 4 years with Nationwide Building Society, with any luck rates will still be low. In in next couple of years I may wish to move temporarily to a different city. How difficult is it to get consent to let from Nationwide Building Society under this situation? Assuming that monthly rent payments would be about £175 above the Nationwide Building Society mortgage payments.
  • My circumstances have changed, and I wish to lease my place out - meaning consent to let- I have about £175K loan with Nationwide Building Society and currently 90k equity I need to avoid the redemption penalties.
  • I have a mortgage with Nationwide Building Society at present and just wondering about the procedure for getting a 'consent to let'
  • I wish to apply for consent to let from my lender Nationwide Building Society to lease out my flat. I was thinking of moving in with mypartner. Do Nationwide Building Society give consent to let in these circumstances?
  • I may be looking to lease out my property and wondered what I would need to do to negotiate consent to let from Nationwide Building Society. I may be moving abroad for nine months.