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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Mortgage Express? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Mortgage Express (No 2) consent to let

  • I have recently let out my ground floor flat having been given Consent to Let with my bank. 6 months have now elapsed and they have increased my repayment percentage as previously advised. I am unwilling to change to a more favourable product with them, as they will revoke my consent to let. If I was to go with an alternative mortgage provider for instance Mortgage Express (No 2), would I be required to obtain a Buy To Let mortgage or could I just refinance and secure consent to let?
  • My brother and I jointly own a flat in Southwark with a Mortgage Express (No 2) mortgage. I am looking to move on and purchase a house with my fiancee. How would I deal with renting out my room? Do I require consent to let via Mortgage Express (No 2). My brother will continue to reside in the property
  • I am looking for some feedback as to whether consent to let from Mortgage Express (No 2) is the right strategy for me. I acquired my property last January by porting an existing Mortgage Express (No 2) mortgage product. My fixed rate finished five months ago I'm weighing up moving in with a new partner. I would prefer not to sell my property yet as I have no idea as to whether the new move will work out. Would it be likely that Mortgage Express (No 2) would grant a consent to let based on me letting out my property on a short hold tenancy for 1-2 years and then I will commit to a B2L product or sell it?
  • How long must you own a property before consent to let with Mortgage Express (No 2) would be forthcoming? I purchased my flat with a Mortgage Express (No 2) mortgage back in May.
  • I currently have a mortgage with Mortgage Express (No 2). I am thinking about renting and buying another property but this is all new to me. How do I apply for consent to let from Mortgage Express (No 2) and what are the steps within the process?
  • I wish to apply for consent to let from my lender Mortgage Express (No 2) to rent out my property. This is due to me relocating. Can you tell me if Mortgage Express (No 2) grant consent to let in this situation?
  • Assuming that I was successful in obtaining consent to let from Mortgage Express (No 2), can I sell during the consent period? Is it possible that I would incur any charges?
  • Please can you provide me with advice as to how to go about obtaining consent to let from Mortgage Express (No 2) and what, if any, fees apply.