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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Molo Finance Buy to Let Mortgages? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Molo Finance Buy to Let consent to lease

  • What options are open to me if my application to obtain consent to let is rejected by Molo Finance Buy to Let?

  • I have had an existing homeloan with Molo Finance Buy to Let for almost 2 years and the fixed rate is due to be renegotiated. We are considering extracting equity out of our existing address to enable us to acquire a new larger house and then let out the current garden flat. The initial advice we received was that we should get a new residential mortgage with a consent to let - what does this mean?
  • Can you explain "consent to let" to me? I live in a 1 bed apartment and its in good condition. It has been on with agents for two months and I am struggling to sell. This is because my neighbour is noisey. I had no choice but to put it on the disclosure sheet. I am with Molo Finance Buy to Let on a fixed rate. Someone mentioned I should obtain consent to let from Molo Finance Buy to Let and rent the flat out.
  • I am just about to receive a mortgage offer from Molo Finance Buy to Let for a freehold house. I have applied through Right to Buy. It is a capital and interest mortgage. I wonder what is the main criteria Molo Finance Buy to Let adopt in order to grant customers consent to let? Is consent to let based on the rental multiple on a property?
  • I am looking to Molo Finance Buy to Let to grant consent to let out my basement flat in Bexley. I am moving to care for my mother who has liver failure
  • We have a consent to let letter that I have procured from my management company. I presume I need to attaching this with a letter to Molo Finance Buy to Let with a view to seeking consent to let from them. What address shall I send it to?
  • I have a residential mortgage with Molo Finance Buy to Let - 40% equity or thereabouts. I am considering relocating for another job and was wondering if Molo Finance Buy to Let are flexible in changing the mortgage to allow for consent to let?
  • Me and my fiance and I have a mortgage with Molo Finance Buy to Let on our three bed flat in Hackney. We are planning to buy a new house to move into. How do I switch my existing mortgage on to consent to let?