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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Marsden Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Marsden Building Society consent to let

  • My fiance and I may need to lease our Hillingdon home temporarily due to me taking a sabbatical. This will be for a limited period but possibly for as long as 6 years. Must I notify Marsden Building Society or am I best advised to keep schtum?

  • I plan to contact Marsden Building Society for consent to let out my house in Marsden Building Society. However I currently have the property for sale but there are no takers and paying a full mortgage, council tax and insurance on an empty house is hurting financially. How are Marsden Building Society going to react if I market the property?

  • I moved out of my flat about six months ago but didn't get around to get a consent to let letter, partly because the mortgage fix rate period is ending in six weeks and I am considering a remortgage anyway. I want to ask for consent now, is that going to open up a Pandora’s box?
  • I have found myself in the accidental landlord category and failed to inform Marsden Building Society. I had to vacate my home for work purposes, so am now based in another part of the country. I originally attempted to sell the flat, but prices were low, resulting in negative equity. This was a couple of years ago in 2011, which has since seen the property price increase and has given me time to accumulate savings. I am in now in a position where I can now transfer to a BTL mortgage and would like to remortgage at the same time. My concern is, will changing mortgage providers possibly alert Marsden Building Society that I have been letting without consent to let? I appreciate that I shouldn’t have done this, but circumstances forced my hand. Can I change to a BTL without Marsden Building Society knowing what I’ve done?
  • My wife and I were curious as to whether it is possible if you own one property with consent to let from Marsden Building Society, to buy another with a domestic mortgage to live in. Then once the consent expires on the first property, to switch to buy to let or sell it?
  • My OH and I are nine months into a five year standard mortgage with Marsden Building Society. Just curious whether it's ok to let out the flat on my current home loan. Will Marsden Building Society issue consent to let?
  • I want to rent the attic in my flat in Brent. Do I need consent to let from my lender Marsden Building Society?
  • Do you know if Marsden Building Society would have an internal record as to whether consent to let was granted for a specific property?