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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Lloyds TSB Scotland plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Lloyds TSB Scotland consent to let

  • I have my maisonette in Wandsworth on the market but despite a few viewers there is a lack of interest so far. As a backup option I am considering letting out the property if cant find a buyer. I dont think I will have a problem getting consent to let from the freeholder. My financial adviser says that in such a situation I may have to switch to a buy to let product yet I probably don't have enough equity needed. What's my exposure if I was to retain the existing Lloyds TSB Scotland home loan and rent out the flat without telling them As long as the mortgage is being paid in full and on time, why would they care or check?
  • I am interested to know how straightforward is it to get consent to let with Lloyds TSB Scotland. I'm interested in fixed homeowner mortgage and plan to reside at the property but would like to know my options for example - if a job elsewhere was attractive or for a year overseas.. Could you let me know generally how receptive Lloyds TSB Scotland are regarding consent to let?
  • What is the maximum period of time permitted by Lloyds TSB Scotland that I would be able to let my property before having to change mortgage or sell my house? Essentially, my partner has asked me to move in with him and I really don't want to sell my house. I would like the fallback of knowing I still own my own home.
  • I have had a home loan with Lloyds TSB Scotland for twelve years. My divorce was finalised four years ago put the property in my name by transfer of equity. My situation has changed, I want to retain my house but live with my new partner, letting my house out. I have been informed by my IFA that I can ask for a consent to let by Lloyds TSB Scotland instead of a BTL mortgage as I I did not buy the property with the intention of letting it out, your feedback would be appreciated?
  • I am looking to Lloyds TSB Scotland to grant consent to let out my basement flat in Haringey. I am moving to India for 8 months for work.
  • I'm planning to change lender to Lloyds TSB Scotland for a fixed rate but the likelihood is that I will need to rent the flat out for about 12 months. Do Lloyds TSB Scotland consent to let on fixed rate home loans and if so, what are the costs.
  • I would like to purchase a new home but can't afford to sell my existing property with a Lloyds TSB Scotland mortgage. Do you know the criteria for Lloyds TSB Scotland to grant consent to let? Is getting married and having kids a good enough reason to make the request?
  • How likely is it that Lloyds TSB Scotland force me into a consent to let product while I'm in a fixed rate product for 2 years?