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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Kent Reliance (a trading name of OneSavings Bank plc)? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Kent Reliance consent to let

  • I have a Kent Reliance mortgage and have been letting out my apartment omitting to get consent to let, which I am now led to believe means I am in breach of my mortgage Ts and C’s. I think I have come onto their radar that I am not residing there. What negotiating options do I have if I fail to sell it in time before they become aware I have breached my Ts and C’s?
  • My property recently got consent to let on a non-commercial homeloan with Kent Reliance with a view to switching to a BTL rate when the fixed term ends in a few months' time, so I'm unclear if this adds to the complexity of the issue! Any information gratefully appreciated.
  • Where a property owner chooses to rent out their property without consent to let by Kent Reliance - what, if any implication could there be for an agent acting for the landlord?
  • As we are relocating and failing to sell our property, we are considering letting it out. Am I required to inform Kent Reliance? I am concerned that Kent Reliance might change our terms. I was hoping that if I continued making my monthly payments it shouldn't be a problem, but am now worried about insurance implications if I have let my property out on the sly. Any advice?
  • This is not a question specific to Kent Reliance but do lenders usually supply the information I need for my Buy to Let or Consent to Let self-assessment tax submissions?
  • We are about to buy a property and plan to live in it once we have refurbished but we may need to let the property out but not clear on what the rules are on consent to let from Kent Reliance? We don't need a buy to let mortgage because we are not certain if we will need to let it out at all
  • Can you help with a question...if consent to let is granted by Kent Reliance would it usually stipulate a time limit, such as 6 or 12 months?
  • We took out a mortgage with Kent Reliance a few months ago and although it's still early days we may have to relocate around next Spring and would like to be able to rent our property out. Is this possible with a non-commercial mortgage?