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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Investec Bank plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Investec consent to lease

  • Investec have just granted me consent to let. After some effort, Investec have issued me with ‘consent to let’ confirmation . Mention is made of an assured shorthold tenancy. What is that?

  • Ever since 2014 I have had a Investec mortgage with my twin and am looking to vacate and get a new mortgage with my partner. How would I proceed with taking in a lodger? Do I need consent to let from Investec? My twin will remain in the flat
  • Our existing property in Harrow has probably about £80K equity with a home loan with Investec. It's a 3 bed house in a popular catchment and it should rent easily. We are possibly moving for my partner’s work and were considering keeping this house on as a rental property - would we need to change the loan to a buy to let product or can we get consent to let from Investec?
  • I have a studio flat in Redbridge which I inherited six years ago and which I have since remortgaged with Investec on a fixed rate which ends next September. If I want to lease out the property whilst I go travelling what do I need to do and is there a time limit? Are there any other consequences when seeking consent to let?
  • I would like to understand what are acceptable reasons for leasing a property when it comes to seeking consent to let from Investec? Can you help?
  • I am looking at moving abroad for work and would like consent to let from Investec whilst I am away. Is the way forward to prepare a letter requesting consent to let and mail it to Investec? Letting the property isn't to make money but to retain the property in case things don't work out
  • As a result of career opportunities I will be moving to Wales and would like to let out my flat temporarily, are you able to confirm what steps I need to take in order to get consent to let from Investec?
  • I am thinking of moving in with my girlfriend at her home and would like to rent out my property that I purchased last summer, I'm just not sure of the process as my property is my first home. What do I need to do to get consent to let from Investec If I obtain consent would my mortgage payments go up?