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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Intelligent Finance? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Intelligent Finance consent to let

  • I have a shared ownership home in Enfield and will be looking to buy out the rest of the property. However, within the next six months I may be working in Canada for a short period of time so would like to know what approach Intelligent Finance take to consent to let as I am considering a remortgage with them. I am not sure if they will lend on my property but in the meantime can you provide further advice on their consent to let requirements?
  • A friend of mine has rented her property off the same landlord for nearly one and a half years. During the last year my friend has received letters from Intelligent Finance (she hasn't opened them-it is clear from the envelope). To begin with she reposted them to the landlady's address. My suspicions were aroused as none of her landlord’s mail was meant to be going there. I therefore went to my friends house and called Intelligent Finance on her behalf. The guy I called at Intelligent Finance had a long list of queries, the landlord’s details, information relating to the tenant and then said they were going to investigate whether she had the appropriate mortgage and if she didn't it was an offence without consent to let. What does this mean for my friend?
  • We are first-time buyers, currently renting. We would ideally like to purchase a studio flat in Greenwich. We want to move there, but will need to wait for a job - perhaps 2-3 years. Do we have to get a B2L loan? Would it be possible to take a residential mortgage with Intelligent Finance, even though we won't be moving in straight away? Alternatively could we live there for half a year, then start renting it with consent to let from Intelligent Finance? I'm only interested in options that are completely legitimate, and have no intention of contravening the terms of the mortgage with Intelligent Finance.
  • A year ago my building society (not Intelligent Finance) gave me with consent to let. This was subject to a provision that every half year they would add a charge of half a percent of the remaining mortgage amount. Having the first couple of payments they have omitted to make the charge in recent months. Should I be worried that this means that my consent to let has been canceled .
  • Will Intelligent Finance want to know why I am seeking consent to let? Is it wise to disclose my possible relocation overseas?
  • I want to rent a room in my house in Camden. Do I require consent to let from my mortgage provider Intelligent Finance?
  • I recently purchased a maisonette in Tower Hamlets. I am a FTB. I am moving Belfast next month, can I get consent to let from my lender Intelligent Finance or do need to wait for at least 6 months?
  • I currently have a residential mortgage with Intelligent Finance and plan on letting due to work being based in Bristol. In asking for consent to let from Intelligent Finance do I run the risk of them forcing me to change deal to B2L