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Need professional advice for your consent to let with HSBC Bank plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to HSBC consent to lease

  • I have a house in Enfield but I am moving with my girlfriend to a different city for career reasons and moreover near her university. I would like to retain the house but it is unlikely that I can afford a BTL rate. It will only be short term -two years until my girlfriend completes her degree and I can sell, or move elsewhere. My mortgage is with HSBC. Is there a chance I won't be approved for consent to let?
  • Given we are relocating and unable to find a buyer for our property, we are thinking about letting it out. Am I duty bound to disclose this to HSBC? If we do, I think they will want to change our mortgage to buy to let and load the fees etc which we can't afford. I was thinking that as long as I continued paying on time it shouldn't be a problem, but am now nervous about insurance implications if we haven't got consent to let. Any feedback?
  • I am may soon need to apply for consent to let from my current mortgage provider HSBC. A friend of mine said that she was given ‘consent to let’ confirmation from a different lender where conditions attached to the consent referred to an assured shorthold tenancy. Can you explain what this is?
  • I have found myself in the accidental landlord category and didnt inform HSBC. I had to leave my home for career reasons, so now rent in another part of the country. At first I attempted to sell the flat, but prices were deflated, which meant I was in negative equity. This was a couple of years ago in 2012, the value has increased and has given me time to accumulate savings. I am in now in a position where I could convert to a BTL mortgage and would like to remortgage at the same time. My concern is, will changing mortgage providers possibly alert HSBC that I have been letting without consent to let? I am aware that I shouldn’t have done this, but circumstances forced my hand. Any help will be greatly appreciated?
  • What is the process for getting a consent to let application form from HSBC and how quickly can I get the consent?
  • My fixed rate loan with HSBC ends in August and have to relocate for work then. What are the chances that I will be able to both remortgage and get consent to let?
  • I have HSBC mortgage and am thinking of renting out the property. I understand I would need a consent to let to do that right ?
  • I have fixed rate mortgage with HSBC. I am going have to lease out my place due to necessity. Were I to seek consent to let, will I have to pay a lot more interest?