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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Holmesdale Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Holmesdale Building Society consent to lease

  • Are any options available to me if my request to obtain consent to let is subsequently refused by Holmesdale Building Society?

  • I am currently in the process of emigrating to Moscow . Rather than finding a buyer, I wish to lease my existing property out, just in case things turn sour and I decide to return in a couple of years. My current mortgage is with Holmesdale Building Society. Would I be able to refinance with another mortgage lender on a much lower interest rate then apply for Consent to Let after the refinancing is in place?
  • We are a newly married couple and we found a apartment in Hackney that we like and wish to get a mortgage with Holmesdale Building Society. My concern is that I am pregnant and about to give birth very soon as I am on the last few weeks of pregnancy. This wouldn't make it impossible for us to move right away so we are thinking to keep living with our parents for the next few months. Meanwhile, if we get this property, we can lease it out. I was just wondering how will that work out? Will we be liable to be given consent to let by Holmesdale Building Society
  • I have a Holmesdale Building Society mortgage and have been letting out my flat minus consent to let, making me in breach of my mortgage Ts and C’s. They may have suspicions that I am not living there. What negotiating options are available if I fail to sell it in time before they are on notice that I have breached my conditions?
  • When it comes to consent to let from Holmesdale Building Society am I obliged to tell them every time we get a new tenant and send them a copy of the tenancy?
  • I have a letter to Holmesdale Building Society requesting consent to let signed and ready, but I'm not sure what address I should post this to. Can you please help me with the address?
  • I'm possibly going to Hong Kong for twelve months with work. Planning on taking my partner with me and hoping to rent our Bexley property in the meantime on a short term basis to make things more cost effective. I was just wondering whether Holmesdale Building Society currently allows consent to let
  • I am planning on moving within the next nine months and wish to lease my flat out. My current rate is fixed with Holmesdale Building Society. I am worried a rate hike would be too much if that was linked to getting consent to let