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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Harpenden Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Harpenden Building Society consent to lease

  • Exciting times as my partner and I intend to relocate to Australiain Month, initially for a little as 9 months but potentially longer term. I have contacted Harpenden Building Society to obtain consent to let out the property (we have already found tenants). The mortgage has been in place with Harpenden Building Society for 5 years and I am up to date with payments. Harpenden Building Society tell me, that even if they consent to the letting, that this will be limited consent for a single year. And then what?

  • I took out a standard mortgage with Harpenden Building Society last October and then had to relocate due to my job, I am now looking to leasing my flat out for six months whilst I am abroad. What are my chances of obtaining consent to let from Harpenden Building Society, and what effect would this have?
  • Me and my OH have a flat in Haringey which we purchased as a new-build about seven years ago. As the family is growing we require more space. We've identified a property in Hillingdon that we're going to buy and want to keep the flat as an investment to rent out. The mortgage is with Harpenden Building Society and we've found a tenant who will pay rent in excess of the monthly mortgage amount. My query is, can we keep the repayment mortgage with Harpenden Building Society so we effectively paying off our loan on the property or do we have to swap to a buy-to-let mortgage?
  • How long after getting a new mortgage do I have to wait before I can seek consent to let from Harpenden Building Society? By way of history I bought my apartment in Redbridge 2 years ago and am currently on a three year fixed rate. I subsequently met my partner and plan to move in to his place. I am planning to get a better fixed term next June. I presume that I would have to hold off for at least 6 months before I could seek consent to let. Is that right?
  • My fiance and Iwant to let our home and purchase another. What do I need to show Harpenden Building Society to obtain consent to let?
  • I currently have a residential mortgage with Harpenden Building Society and plan on letting due to work being based in London. In seeking consent to let from Harpenden Building Society do I run the risk of them forcing me to change deal to BTL
  • Do you have the address to which a Consent to Let request to be sent for Harpenden Building Society? Sorry about bothering you with this query.
  • How likely is it that Harpenden Building Society force me into a consent to let product while I'm in a fixed rate product for 2 years?