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Need professional advice for your consent to let with First Trust Bank? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to First Trust Bank consent to lease

  • My husband and I are in possession of a mortgage offer from First Trust Bank, but we hit a brick wall. My husband is a teacher in a boarding school, whereby we are provided with accommodation as part of his employment. We wanted to buy a one bedroom apartment with a view to joining the property ladder, and rent it out while we're based at the school. I had thought First Trust Bank would be willing to give consent to let from day one of the mortgage. It transpires that I may not be able to get consent to let. Can you give me any ideas what we can do?
  • I vacated my flat about 4 months ago but didn't get around to get a consent to let letter, mainly because the mortgage fix rate period is ending in six weeks and I am thinking about getting a new mortgage anyway. I want to ask for the letter now, is that going to be tricky?
  • I'm one year into a two year fixed mortgage with First Trust Bank. The LTV is only 50%. I've found a really good deal on a studio flat in Bexley which I would not want to miss. It seems the only way to purchase the other property is to release most of the remaining equity. I would let the existing property which would more than cover the mortgage with First Trust Bank. Can I get a consent to let from First Trust Bank and and then seek an equity release after it's rented?
  • For a couple of years now I have had a mortgage with my partner on our apartment which is up for renewal 1st May. I am having to move to Bristol for my company in next month. What are the chances of being able to transfer for a consent to let mortgage with First Trust Bank?
  • My wife and I are looking to ask First Trust Bank for consent to let out our home in Camden. We are relocating overseas for 3 years and wish to rent out the property. I didn't look into this when we took the First Trust Bank mortgage, and that was due to the fact that we never thought an opportunity like this would come up so was planning on being in the house.
  • Do you know whether First Trust Bank will accept rental income on consent to let for affordability purposes or does it need to be BTL ? Would First Trust Bank let me raise capital based on the rental revenue ?
  • I am currently in the process of getting a mortgage through First Trust Bank - It is possible that in the within months I may decide to let out the property - how would I switch the FTB mortgage to a buy to let mortgage?
  • I have a normal mortgage with First Trust Bank which is only six weeks long but I have been moved abroad with my job. How easy is it to get consent to let from First Trust Bank for a mortgage that has only just started and I have just purchased the property?