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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Family Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Family Building Society consent to let

  • My fiance and I may need to let our Ealing home temporarily due to a career opportunity. This will be for a limited period but perhaps for 6 years. Do I inform Family Building Society or should I not rock the boat?

  • I have a standard mortgage over my home in loc and am due to relocate to country for three years. During this time frame it would be ideal if I could let out my house. My bank says I cannot have consent to let. It’s hardly ideal to move to a buy to let loan as it’s only for a limited time-frame that I am abroad for.

  • Finding myself in an impossible situation with a Consent to Let mortgage. Reacting to my requisition for consent to let the bank has asked me to provide them with an executed AST prior to issuing permission. If I get a signed tenancy agreement would I not be breaching the terms of my existing mortgage?

  • I've got a current mortgage with Family Building Society approaching 18 months and the fixed rate is due to be renegotiated. We are looking at extracting equity from our present property to enable us to purchase a bigger home and then rent out the existing studio flat. The initial advice we received was that we will get a new domestic mortgage allowing for consent to let - can you clarify what is involved?
  • Will Family Building Society want to know my reasons for applying for consent to let? Should I inform them of my potential relocation overseas?
  • I wish to let out a room in my apartment in Ealing. Do I need consent to let from my lender Family Building Society?
  • Last month bought my home and took out a mortgage with Family Building Society but my boyfriend has asked me to move in with him. Would I be allowed consent to let?
  • I wish to get consent to let from Family Building Society for two years until I hope to move onto a buy to let. Is this possible