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Need professional advice for your consent to let with DB UK Bank Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to DB UK Bank consent to let

  • Soon to be packing up as my better half and I intend to relocate to Tokyoin Month, initially for a little as 9 months but it could be longer term. I'm in the process of writing to DB UK Bank for consent to let out my property (we have already found tenants). I have had a mortgage with DB UK Bank for 6 years and I am up to date with payments. DB UK Bank say, that even if they grant consent to let, that this will be limited for a single year. What happens after one year?

  • I acquired a property ten years ago on shared ownership basis, I own 50% by way of bank loan and rent the remaining percentage. In January 2014 I purchased a new property. I let out my first house and moved to my new home. I obtained consent to let from my mortgage company and I believed I had consent to let from the housing association. Earlier this week I was contacted by the housing association advising they had nothing on record to evidence I had obtained permission to sublet. What do I do now?
  • We intend to rent our current flat out early next year when we move. This is to be done with consent to let from DB UK Bank. As of now the flat is in my name but I am a higher rate tax payer. Do I need to do a equity transfer to her or should we do a Declaration of Trust?
  • I recently got married and my wife and I would like to purchase a family home in the coming year, whilst keeping our one bedroom first floor purpose built flat in Redbridge we currently live in to rent out. Mortgage on the flat is with DB UK Bank. I wish to avoid putting myself in a situation with two residential properties only to be refused consent to let.
  • I am endeavouring to figure out which mortgage providers are best for giving consent-to-let without hiking up rates, and hopefully permitting in excess of two years if necessary. Is that something you can help with? We are particularly interested in DB UK Bank
  • Prospective tenants are about to move into my property and I have mortgage offer from DB UK Bank on new house on condition of consent to let for original house. How long should it take to receive letter once I send back a completed application with cheque.
  • Do DB UK Bank respond positively to requests for consent to let? I am just considering this in order to move house in the coming months
  • I am interested in consent to let for my property mortgaged with DB UK Bank. How do I proceed? Do I have to contact DB UK Bank and get them to agree?