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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Darlington Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to Darlington Building Society consent to lease

  • I would like to let my existing house as I wish to purchase a bigger house for the family. I have a mortgage with Darlington Building Society. Provided I get the consent to let as I understand banks are more than likely to push me towards getting BTL mortgage when the fixed term comes to an end. Could I refinance after two years with an alternative lender? What implications does that have apart from the higher rates - will I need a greater equity ratio in the property too ie lower loan to value?
  • The hope is to move house. My question is whether consent to let will be given on my house for me to subsequently obtain a loan offer for the new house so I can effectively bid chain free and then rent my house out once I move. Does Darlington Building Society grant consent to let for 12 months? If so, and the rental goes well can the consent to let time limit be extended?
  • For two years now I have been with Darlington Building Society and have just re-fixed the mortgage rate. The LTV is about 30%. Unfortunately we need to move into my mum’s home to look after her, it would preferable to let our house out - do I need to seek consent to let from Darlington Building Society and is it likely to cost much?
  • I took a home loan out on a 2 bed flat last May however I will be working outside of commuting distance of Islington for the foreseeable future but hope to find work closer in the long term. Given that I recently acquired the property I will lose money if I sell and do intend to return to Islington so would like to keep it. How difficult is it to get consent to let from Darlington Building Society and what are the financial implications ?
  • My lender refuse to grant consent to let without a move in date confirmed with a tenant. How can I confirm this in the absence of consent to let? I am not certain but I vaguely recall my friend had a similar issue with Darlington Building Society.
  • Should I decide to apply for consent to let from Darlington Building Society how much time does it take to get consent to let after you apply to Darlington Building Society. ?
  • I was just wondering if Darlington Building Society were picky when considering consent to let. I sent my request on date and I am waiting to hear back. Should I start chasing or wait for a bit longer?
  • We have a mortgage with Darlington Building Society at the moment and just enquiring about the procedure for getting a 'consent to let'