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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Cumberland Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Cumberland Building Society consent to let

  • I have a residential mortgage approaching refinancing with Cumberland Building Society. The property has been sub-let for a two years and I think I should notifyCumberland Building Society. I am led to believe that I should seek consent to lease, but bearing in mind that the property has previously been rented out could they deny - require that I go onto a BTL rate or even fine me? I have over 25% equity in the house - and the rent will more than cover the mortgage.
  • Soon to be packing up as my better half and I plan to return to Perthin Month, perhaps for a little as 9 months but conceivably longer term. I have contacted Cumberland Building Society to obtain consent to let out the property (we have already found tenants). I have had a mortgage with Cumberland Building Society for Six years and I am up to date with payments. Cumberland Building Society say, that even if they do agree, that this is a short term consent for one year. Do I then need to reapply?

  • At present I have a standard mortgage with Cumberland Building Society. My company has offered me a property as part of my job and wish to let out my existing house. The financial advisor has advised me it is a formality. Are you able to provide me with some information please?
  • We are intent on acquiring a house, letting two of the rooms out to help cover the loan with Cumberland Building Society, and then moving on in a few years time - at which point the property would be fully rented. How likely is it that Cumberland Building Society would look at this unfavourably as I will have been granted a non-commercial loan as opposed to a B2L or consent to let? I've heard that in extreme situations they can sue for mortgage fraud, is this an exaggeration?
  • I'd like to know if Cumberland Building Society are likely to grant consent to let out our flat in Enfield
  • We have already let but only just dawned on us that Cumberland Building Society ought to have been advised and consent to let sought - what's the best course of action now?
  • Is it possible that Cumberland Building Society would have archive records as to whether consent to let was granted for a specific property?
  • I am looking at some alternative lifestyle. I have a Cumberland Building Society mortgage, if I become a Australian resident but wish to rent my UK house, do I need to get consent to let from Cumberland Building Society to do this ?