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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Coventry Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Coventry Building Society Consent to Lease Example Support Desk Enquires

  • I have a residential mortgage coming up for reissuing with Coventry Building Society. The house has been tenanted for a couple of years and I now realise that I should informCoventry Building Society. My understanding is that I must apply for consent to let, but bearing in mind that the property has previously been rented out could they refuse - insist I go onto a BTL product or even apply a penalty? I have over 25% equity in the house - and the rent will more than cover the mortgage.
  • Within the next few days I intend to contact Coventry Building Society for consent to let out my house in Coventry Building Society. However the property has been on with agents for 6 weeks but there are no takers and forking out for a full mortgage, council tax and insurance on unoccupied house is a financial drain. What approach would Coventry Building Societytake if I have the house on the market?

  • My partner and I are moving to Floridain Month, perhaps temporarily but potentially longer term. I have contacted Coventry Building Society to obtain consent to let out the property (we have already found tenants). I have been with Coventry Building Society for 6 years and there have been no arrears. Coventry Building Society advise, that even if they give permission, that this will be limited for a single year. And then what?

  • I have a current mortgage contract with Coventry Building Society and need clarify if it would be possible to gain consent to let out our one bedroom apartment in Hillingdon.

    The rationale for needing to let out the property are are due to: -

    • Me and my wife will be moving to Melbourne next spring.
    • By letting out the property this will enable us to make some savings to help the migration process.
    • There is little merit from a monetary perspective to redeem the mortgage for a property which we are no longer residing in and by renting out the place this would be considered as an ongoing investment.

    If Coventry Building Society granted permission to us for renting we would suggest some financial commitments to include: -

    • Maintain paying the monthly mortgage payment directly from my bank account.
    • Use an accredited letting agent who will provide a rent guarantee scheme as a further financial safeguard.
    • Provide our contact details for when we relocate.
  • I have a homeowner mortgage with Coventry Building Society and require consent to let. What are the factors and requirements that I need to be aware of in order to obtain consent?
  • I am trying to find out Coventry Building Society fees for conversion to consent to let from a fixed rate residential mortgage?
  • I am looking at some alternative lifestyle. I have a Coventry Building Society mortgage, if I become a Australian resident but wish to rent my UK house, ...what steps should I take to get consent to let. Can this be obtained on the phone ?
  • I am intending on relocating within the next nine months and would like to let my flat out. My mortgage rate is fixed with Coventry Building Society. I am concerned that a rate hike would be too much if that was linked to receiving consent to let