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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Capital Home Loans? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Capital Home Loans consent to lease

  • I have a residential mortgage coming up for reissuing with Capital Home Loans. The house has been tenanted for a two years and I now realise that I need to come clean toCapital Home Loans. I understand that I must apply for consent to let, but given that the property has previously been rented out could they refuse - require that I go onto a BTL rate or even fine me? There is excellent equity - 30% LTV and have never missed any payments.
  • Having endured living in a rough area for 3 years now, we now want to move. As selling the flat will trigger a hefty early repayment charges to Capital Home Loans of £4000, we considered that it would be sensible to rent it out. So, we need to obtain a consent to let from Capital Home Loans only a year. Will Capital Home Loans grant consent?

  • We recently sorted our rates for another fixed period with Capital Home Loans. Some weeks later, I went to an interview and basically I accepted the job offer in Camden. I'm going to rent a one bed flat for the family in Tower Hamlets as we don't wish to sell the house whist there is a chance that we come back before two years.... We really have no idea whether it will work out. We have contacted Capital Home Loans but we would like also your take on the situation. How is it to have a consent to let in that case as we just got a fixed 5 years rate we would not want to swap this.
  • We have an existing mortgage with Capital Home Loans and need clarify if it would be possible to seek consent to let out our studio flat in Bromley.

    The purpose for needing to find tenants for the property are are due to: -

    • My wife and I will be relocating to Cape Town next spring.
    • In renting out the house this will facilitate savings to assist with the migration process.
    • There is little merit from a fiscal point of view to pay outright for a property which we are no longer residing in and by leasing out the place this would be deemed as continuing investment.

    If Capital Home Loans granted permission to us for renting we would propose some financial assurances to include: -

    • Continue to pay the monthly mortgage payment directly from my bank account.
    • Instruct an approved letting agent who will provide a rent guarantee scheme as a further financial safeguard.
    • Supply our forwarding address for when we move.
  • My fiance and I are planning to ask Capital Home Loans for consent to let out our house in Bexley. We are relocating overseas for three years and need to let it out. I didn't look into this when we got the Capital Home Loans mortgage, and that was due to the fact that we never anticipated an opportunity like this would come up so was planning on occupying the property.
  • Would I be able to remortgage to Capital Home Loans from my current provider, with a consent to let or do I need a let to buy loan, and if so what are the LTV's?
  • I own a residential home. I would like remortgage with Capital Home Loans and seek consent to let. I'm still inside the Early Redemption Charge period so not sure if there such a thing as porting to some property?
  • My wife and I would like to obtain consent to let on a house where we have a mortgage with Capital Home Loans. If granted, how long would consent be given for? In seeking consent to let from Capital Home Loans are we running the risk of them forcing us to change deal to B2L