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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Cambridge Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Cambridge Building Society consent to lease

  • I am employed by letting specialists in loc and a potential tenant for the house has demanded evidence of the ‘consent to let’ from the owners lender Cambridge Building Society. Why would they ask for this

  • My colleague intends to rent out his apartment out in the absence of consent to let from his mortgage provider Cambridge Building Society. He has been on an interest only loan since 2010. Currently owes £110k, having bought the flat for about £125k. If he lets the apartment out privately, exactly what sanctions does he risk?
  • My flat has a mortgage against it with Cambridge Building Society and I have been renting my apartment omitting to get consent to let, making me in contravention of my mortgage Ts and C’s. They may have suspicions that I am not residing there. What are the legal consequences of my failure to secure consent to let?
  • How long after getting a new mortgage will a consent to let be likely to be given by Cambridge Building Society? To give some history I purchased my flat in Hounslow 2 years ago and am currently on a three year fixed rate. I since met my partner and now we are looking at moving in to his place. I intend to get another fixed term next June. I assume that I would have to wait at least half a year before I could request a consent to let. Is that right?
  • What is the process for getting a consent to let application form from Cambridge Building Society and how quickly can I get the consent?
  • Please can you set out the process for gaining consent to let from Cambridge Building Society? Are there certain requirements such as you must live in the property for over 6 or 12 months before its given?
  • Not sure if you can help What do I need to do to get consent to let from Cambridge Building Society? And how much equity is needed?
  • My partner and I am looking into the option of letting out my apartment with consent to let from Cambridge Building Society whist away travelling for a couple of months