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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Bradford & Bingley plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Bradford & Bingley consent to let

  • We just received consent to let from Bradford & Bingley. After some effort, Bradford & Bingley have issued me with ‘consent to let’ confirmation . Mention is made of an assured shorthold tenancy. Can you explain what this is?

  • Me and my husband were planning to buy a garden flat with a £20,000 down payment with the aim of living there. Somewhat fortuitously the in-laws plan to move to France for a couple of years so we plan to move into theirBexley apartment to "housesit". In the event that we proceed with a residential mortgage with Bradford & Bingley would there be any difficulties with negotiating consent to let ?
  • Last month I was provided with a work opportunity abroad and considering whether it's a good idea letting my property out. Will Bradford & Bingley permit me to change mortgage or give me consent to let? Should it not be available I will have to consider if I should accept the promotion. I have no objection to paying more as it is likely that I will return and live in my home after twenty four months. I'm not doing it to profit. Just really like my house and want to return to it at some point in the future.
  • Is it right that lenders (I have a mortgage with Bradford & Bingley) have changed tune and are now taking a more accommodating approach towards consent to let? A broker recently told me that Buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the FCA whereas residential mortgages are. Therefore if I switch from a owner-occupier to a BTL I am moving to a regulated product. He said that under the current regulation banks are reluctant to allow customers do this, which is likely why some lenders will permit customers obtain consent to let but not transfer to a BTL mortgage. Is this right?
  • My wife and I have already let but only just realised Bradford & Bingley should've been notified and consent to let sought - can this be obtained retrospectively?
  • I have a mortgage with Bradford & Bingley on a two year fixed term contract. I could have an opportunity for a teaching job overseas in a years time. Would I be eligible for consent to let from Bradford & Bingley if I took this opportunity overseas?
  • I am trying to find out if Bradford & Bingley will grant consent to let in a situation where we need to move closer to relatives in a different house albeit that we may move back the future if circumstances change.
  • Soon to remortgage my property but I will potentially moving out in the next year and would be looking to rent it out. Do Bradford & Bingley give a consent to let letter?