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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Birmingham Midshires? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Birmingham Midshires consent to let

  • I have a Birmingham Midshires home loan and am looking negotiate a consent to let as I would like to move to another property that I own. It would appear that might be able to assist. Is there a charge for this service?
  • I have recently let out my one bedroom apartment and have gained a Consent to Let with my building society. 6 months have now gone by and they have increased my mortgage rate as forewarned. I cannot change to a preferable product with them, as they will revoke my consent to let. If I was to go with an alternative provider such as Birmingham Midshires, would I need to obtain a BTL mortgage or could I simply remortgage and ask for further consent to let?
  • I'm looking to remortgage my 2 bed flat, currently let out under consent to let from Birmingham Midshires, onto a BTL rate as we are unlikely to be moving back into it now since we have our family home. So, I'm assuming I need a specialist broker for this and I am not really familiar with what is on offer in this area. Are you able to offer any advice on a good broker service specialising in BTL?
  • I found tenants for my flat last year and didn't tell Birmingham Midshires. I have a three year domestic mortgage (healthy equity in it, no arrears) and want to let Birmingham Midshires know and get consent to let for the remaining 24 months of my mortgage . I am unsure what to do.
  • I have to send the consent to let form by courier and need to know if Birmingham Midshires have a regular mailing address I can use as couriers ordinarily will not accept deliveries to PO Box numbers.
  • I am considering renting my property will Birmingham Midshires charge me for a consent to let letter?
  • I was just looking into consent to let as it's something potentially I require from Birmingham Midshires within the next year. Our family circumstances has changed, and I would like to let my home out
  • Do you know if there is usually a required loan to value amount before Birmingham Midshires will consider consent to let?