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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Barnsley Building Society (Yorkshire Building Society)? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to Barnsley Building Society consent to lease

  • I have a normal mortgage with Barnsley Building Society and will be joining the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in September. This is a civilian manned fleet owned by the Ministry of Defence. I will be at sea four months on and three months in the UK. Whilst away I want to lease out my property in Ealing and live with my sister when on shore. If Barnsley Building Society refuse are there mortgage companies that might be amenable?
  • Ever since 2014 I have had a Barnsley Building Society mortgage with my twin and want to leave and get a new mortgage with my partner. How do I proceed with leasing out my room? Is consent to let necessary via Barnsley Building Society? My twin will remain in the apartment
  • My fiance had a conversation with someone at Barnsley Building Society on last week regarding consent to let. We are awaiting a returned call. We have placed an offer in on a studio flat that has been provisionally accepted so would like to know how likely it is that we will receive consent to let with Barnsley Building Society?
  • My husband and I are soon to send the remaining information to our IFA for them to proceed with our mortgage application to buy our first home together. My husband has another flat in 2003 which he co-owns with his brother. That flat was and continues to be tenanted without any consent to let from Barnsley Building Society. So, back to our application - our broker requested info on the Barnsley Building Society mortgage. If we admit about the lack of consent to let by Barnsley Building Society will it materially impact the chances of getting a mortgage?
  • I'm having to relocate to Australia for a couple of years for my job but I don't want to convert my mortgage to BTL as I want to move back into it when I return. Do you know if Barnsley Building Society charges additional interest? Is there any work around?
  • I am looking to get consent to let on my Enfield apartment from Barnsley Building Society. I will be going abroad for 10-12 months and so want to know if I can let my apartment
  • I am looking to place my house on rent due to work commitments and was enquiring if this is possible to get consent to let. It is on a fixed rate mortgage with Barnsley Building Society until 2018 September
  • What is the process for obtaining consent to let from Barnsley Building Society? Is there specific requirements for instance you have to have owned the property for a year before its issued?