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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Bank of Cyprus UK? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Bank of Cyprus UK consent to let

  • I am 2 years into a five year fixed rate mortgage and have accepted an overseas job so wish to let my home for two years. My equity is in the region of fifty per cent. Can you tell me if Bank of Cyprus UK will increase my interest for consent to let for two years?
  • Is it permissible to rent out our property in the absence of consent to let from our mortgage provider? I recognise that initially we signed a contract stating it wouldn't be a buy to let property and that we are not the owners of other property. I know you can't use H2B if you owned other premises at the time, but what about property thereafter? Can you acquire a further property, or inherit a property?
  • We are currently in Dubai and letting out our flat in the UK. This was unplanned but an opportunity presented itself and we took it. The rental income is insufficient to cover the mortgage so we transfer funds each month to cover the difference. Earlier today I got a letter in the post from our lender telling me that because the property is being let out and has been for almost two years we will have to pay 1.5% interest on top of our current mortgage rate. We could sell up but this will be difficult as I am so far away. Could we remortgage with Bank of Cyprus UK and get consent to let?
  • I am expecting to apply for consent to let from my current mortgage provider Bank of Cyprus UK. A friend of mine said that he was given ‘consent to let’ confirmation from a different lender where conditions attached to the consent referred to an AST. Can you explain what this is?
  • I am considering renting out my house obtaining consent to let from Bank of Cyprus UK, what fees should I expect to pay?
  • Me and my husband have a mortgage with Bank of Cyprus UK but am told they have a policy that they will not issue consent to let the property to a housing association. Is this correct and if so, can you suggest a way round this?
  • I have a FTB mortgage with Bank of Cyprus UK which is only 6 weeks in but I have been relocated with work. How easy is it to get consent to let from Bank of Cyprus UK for a mortgage that has only recently started and I have just purchased the property?
  • My wife and I may need to lease our home temporarily due to a new job. This will be for a limited period but no more than threeyears. Should I tell Bank of Cyprus UK or am I best advised to keep my head down?