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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Aldermore Bank PLC? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Aldermore Bank consent to let

  • Within the next few days I intend to contact Aldermore Bank for consent to let out my property in Aldermore Bank. However the property has been on with agents for seven weeks but there are no takers and paying a full mortgage, council tax and insurance on an empty house is draining me financially. What approach would Aldermore Banktake if I have the house on the market?

  • If I was to let out my two bedroom ground floor purpose built maisonette with consent to let via Aldermore Bank, what proof would be required of the letting? If after 1 year I decided to let it on a number of holiday term rental, do I still need to supply proof to Aldermore Bank, or will they leave me alone as long as i keep up with the payments? For example if I let the rooms individually at some point in the future, is there any reason for Aldermore Bank to know and would they take issue?
  • Your view would be appreciated as to whether consent to let from Aldermore Bank is the best option. I acquired my property nine months ago by porting a Aldermore Bank mortgage product. My fixed rate ran out 4 months ago I'm currently considering moving in with a new partner. I don't want to sell my property yet because I'm unsure of whether the new move will prove successful. Would it be likely that Aldermore Bank would grant a consent to let based on me letting out my property on a short hold tenancy for 1-2 years and then I either commit to a buy to let product or sell it?
  • We are in need of a larger house so our children don't have to bunk together. We are planning to purchase another house in a few years time. Our house is worth £240,000 and we have about £70k left to pay on the Aldermore Bank mortgage. We would ideally like to keep this house if possible and let it out with consent to let. Can you have a mortgage on two properties at the same time or do we need to fully pay off our current mortgage first?
  • My OH and I purchased a property in Liverpool with Aldermore Bank and am moving to rent a property in Cornwall due to work. Is consent to let from Aldermore Bankavailable? I am only looking to let out the flat for six to nine months before selling.
  • My partner and I are considering applying to Aldermore Bank to obtain consent to let our property, how long does it take from the point of submitting the application to us finding a letting agent and listing our house for rent? and are there any further steps we will need to take?
  • I am already letting out my property but may have been sussed out. I have four months left on my fixed rate. Is it simple to get consent to let from Aldermore Bank. Is it just a five minute phone call, pay the fee and that's it?
  • I am interested in consent to let for my house mortgaged with Aldermore Bank. How do I move forward? Do I have to contact Aldermore Bank and get them to agree?