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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Ahli United Bank (UK) plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Ahli United Bank consent to let

  • I have a residential loan with Ahli United Bank. I wish to purchase a second property and my financial adviser recommended I apply for a consent to let. I had formerly led to believe they only accept the consent to let if I have the intention to move back into my current property. Am I getting accurate advice?
  • me and my wife recently sorted our rates for another fixed period with Ahli United Bank. Some weeks later, I went to an interview and basically I accepted the job offer in Lambeth. I'm going to rent a two bedroom flat for me and my family in Wandsworth as we don't wish to sell the house whist there is a chance that we come back within a couple of years.... We really don't know how things will go. We called Ahli United Bank but we would appreciate your take on the situation. How is it to have a consent to let in that case as we just got a fixed 5 years rate we would not want to change.
  • I have a current mortgage contract with Ahli United Bank and wish to clarify if it would be possible to gain consent to let out our ground floor flat in Harrow.

    The reasons(s) for wishing to find tenants for the property are as follows: -

    • My family and I will be relocating to Melbourne next spring.
    • By letting out the property this will enable us to make some savings to support the migration process.
    • There is little merit from a fiscal perspective to pay outright for a property which we are no longer living and by letting out the place this would be viewed as an ongoing investment.

    If Ahli United Bank granted permission to us for renting we would propose some financial assurances to include: -

    • Continue to pay the monthly mortgage payment by standing order.
    • Instruct an accredited letting agent who will provide a rent guarantee scheme as a further financial safeguard.
    • Supply our contact details for when we emigrate.
  • I am already a Ahli United Bank mortgage client looking for consent to let on my current property. We would like to buy in close proximity to where we are based with the Royal Marines,... but we may have to move.
  • I have just got married and I am in the process of buying out 100% of my co-ownership mortgage with my wife. As a result we have now been given a 90% loan to value on our house. We want to buy a larger property. Will it be possible to get a consent to let on my new mortgage with Ahli United Bank to allow us to get a mortgage also with Ahli United Bank for a new home?
  • I am looking to Ahli United Bank to grant consent to let out my flat in Tower Hamlets. I am moving to Norway for Six months on a secondment.
  • I took a domestic mortgage with Ahli United Bank, and I would like to let the property out, until I decide whether to sell or retain it as an investment. As things stand I am on the fixed rate. Will I need to remortgage? I.E. buy to let?
  • I may potentially need consent to let from Ahli United Bank in the future with work. I am just seeing what the options would be if this was the case. Are there any time restrictions on how long one can let out your property with consent?