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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Adam & Company? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Adam & Company Consent to Lease Example Support Desk Enquires

  • I currently let out my flat in Newham. I didn't request consent to let. I moved to Aldershot for career reasons and was unable to cope with the traveling but was nervous that Adam & Company would charge me silly money so I decided to take the risk. I'm looking to legitimise it now... basically carry on letting it but with consent. Can you offer any advice as to how I go about doing this?
  • I have a normal mortgage with Adam & Company and will be joining the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in January. This is a civilian manned fleet run by the Ministry of Defence. I will be at sea four months on and three months in the UK. During my time away I want to rent out my house in Westminster and move in with my brother when on shore. I am confident that my rental income would cover my monthly repayments. Can you help?
  • Our current property in Hackney has probably about £80K equity with a mortgage with Adam & Company. It's a 3 bed house in a popular location and I think it would rent well. We are probably moving for my partner’s work and were considering keeping this house on as an investment property - would we need to change the mortgage to a B2L product or should we seek consent to let by Adam & Company?
  • I am may soon need to apply for consent to let from my existing mortgage provider Adam & Company. A friend of mine said that he was issued with ‘consent to let’ confirmation from a different lender where it stipulated that the tenancy granted must be in the form of an AST. Can you explain what this is?
  • I currently have my mortgage with Adam & Company and have been for the previous twenty months and I am interested in finding out some more information about the possibility of getting 'consent to let’.
  • My wife and I took out a mortgage with Adam & Company a few months ago and although it's only a possibility we may have to relocate around next September or October and would like to be able to rent our flat out. Is this possible with a homeowner mortgage?
  • I am interested in further information in relation to consent to let mortgages, potentially switching our current mortgage with Adam & Company across to a consent to let one.
  • Me and my husband spoken to someone at Adam & Company about changing our current mortgage to consent to let (the current two year fix ends in june 2016). Can I just confirm that I need to send a letter setting out our change in circumstance to Adam & Company? Where do I need to send the letter to?