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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Adam & Company? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Adam & Company consent to lease

  • How likely are Adam & Company in giving Consent To Let on a maisonette? Agents have had it on the market for three weeks. I am keen to sell but I'm concerned that given the lack of interest I will need to rent out the property in order to cover the monthly payments to Adam & Company (I do not now reside at the address). My preference is to come clean with Adam & Company than keep them in the dark but I'm not sure how helpful they will be.
  • My colleague is intent on letting his apartment out on the QT without consent to let from his mortgage provider Adam & Company. He has been on an interest only mortgage for about five years now. Currently owes £110k, having bought the apartment for around £110k. If he lets the apartment out privately, exactly what sanctions is he likely to face?
  • A friend of mine recently sought CTL from the Woolwich which they refused because the mortgage had not been going for six months. I am about to seek consent to let from Adam & Company. Do they have the same rule?
  • The likelihood is that I will have the opportunity to work overseas in a couple of years. I am therefore considering scaling down to a newer apartment in Islington which I could rent out with less difficulty when the time comes. I would aim to keep 50% equity in the new apartment which would be my home for a while. My existing lender limits consent to let for 12 months. I anticipate renting it out longer term and not having consent could result in a whole heap of problems. B2L seems unnecessarily expensive when I will be living there, perhaps for 2-3 years initially. What product do I ask for, and from which lender? Would, for example, Adam & Company provide consent to let for a longer period?
  • My wife and I have a letter to Adam & Company requesting consent to let signed and ready, but I'm not sure what address I should post this to. Can you please help me with the address?
  • Circumstances: I am moving to Spain for work. Potentially for many years. That being said I will be on a 3 month test period .I would like to know the criteria for consent to let from Adam & Company and what fees are involved
  • I am just finding out some information at this stage. My boyfriend has asked me to move in with him and I have been trying to sell the flat but have had no luck whatsoever despite several decreases in price. So now I want to know what I would need to do to get consent to let from Adam & Company
  • I am planning on moving inside the next 6 months and wish to let my house out. My current rate is fixed with Adam & Company. I am worried a rate hike would be too much if that was linked to obtaining consent to let